Board Leadership and Sustainable Business

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This is the first European edition of the study on the leadership of Board of Directors and – in particular – of Independent Directors, in the definition of long term growth strategies of companies.

The same research has already been carried on for three years by Nedcommunity and Methodos in Italy. Its results were published last year in “Non financial information as a driver of transformation – Evidence from Italy”, a Report published by CONSOB (the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission) and Methodos in collaboration with Nedcommunity: CONSOB – Non-financial information as a driver of transformation

The research origins from Integrated governance,  the recent evolution in the practices, processes, and culture of governance addressed to the consideration of all forms of value in the development of company strategies and business models, with a particular focus on medium-long term goals, including ESG factors (environmental, social, governance).

Hence, the forms of value that integrated governance refers to are: profits;  assets; reputation, trust and relations with stakeholders and the community; environmental impacts; employee engagement; innovation.

The results of the study help understand some phenomena and useful aspects both at the individual and collective levels.

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