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10 main steps to Integrated Thinking

10 main steps to Integrated Thinking – in relation to incorporating natural and social capital considerations into financial decision making and strategy.

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The next step in Integrated Reporting

The CGMA Integrated Thinking briefing explores how Integrated Reporting (<IR>) can help drive competitive advantage. 

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The Landscape of Integrated Reporting

Harvard Business School in mid-October played host to the 2010 Workshop on Integrated Reporting: Frameworks and Action Plan. Under direction of conference organizer Robert G. Eccles, participants published an electronic book around themes developed at the workshop.

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Creating Value with Integrated Thinking

This paper reflects integrated thinking as we understand it today, given that this is a period of experimentation for many organizations. It explores what integrated thinking involves, as well as its challenges and how they can be overcome, and advances a meaningful understanding of its role and power.

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A Vision for Integrated Thinking and the Role of Finance Professionals

While reporting can lead to a journey of greater transparency and, hopefully, behavior change within an organization, leadership on integrated thinking is the key to unlock a change of mindset and purpose.

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Corporate Governance and Transparency—The Chicken or the Egg of Sustainable Development?

But it is integrated thinking that underpins integrated reporting (or narrative reporting) and ultimately leads to resilient and sustainable organizations. While it can be fostered by improved reporting practices and processes, reporting alone cannot solve sustainable development challenges, and often does not lead to the purpose-based committed leadership that is needed for responsible business.

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